There is an old saying that if we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. That truth applies not just to nations, but also to our individual lives. It is the main reason that past-life memory should be pursued. However, that pursuit can be more than mere curiosity or entertainment, but provide a deep reservoir of information and experience to create your own spiritual basis to best serve your clients.This experience begins with a free exchange of ideas, pulling from deeper layers of consciousness to gain extraordinary insights. We will explore your inner wisdom for profound personal growth and evolution. However, this process is meant to be fun, a spiritual adventure of profound insight, bliss and joy. Get the most out of your experience by staying firmly committed to the material designated for each week. There will be discussion, videos, practice sessions, exercises, reading assignments and a past life regression built into the process. Other topics will include, out of body experience or OBE and near death experience or NDE. 


  • Traveling through time, exploring other realms

  • Exploring the realm of the past life

  • Experiencing a past life, moving through the portal

  • The near death experience, NDE, same portal...

  • Benefiting from the wisdom of the OBE, out-of-body experience

  • Exploring other worlds, other realms, other entities (optional)

  • Elevating from fear to acceptance and love   

  • Past life wisdom, being awake to the current life 

  • The nuts and bolts of marketing

Part III: The Wisdom of the Spirit World or Interlife