Spiritual Counseling

What is Spirituality? When I use the word spiritual, I mean who you are on all levels of your Self, your own true self, the one you might have forgotten over the years. I mean looking at alternative belief systems beyond the traditions of your past. Thinking outside the box to find a holistic approach (mind, body and soul) that makes sense today. Integrating the realities of life with what you know deep in your heart of hearts. Spirituality includes a greater, more active connection to the life force, power, energy, spirit, facilitating a deeper self that reveals that the entire universe is, in some way, connected and you are a co-creator of all you see.


What is Spiritual Counseling? Working through 'spirit' we see your wholeness and work towards your goals through that standpoint. Spiritual counseling works on the inner path, which in turn enables you to discover your 'deepest values and meanings by which to live.' I work with you to blend, current thinking with ancient knowledge, spiritual depth and new science. Join me for a unique transformative learning experience, with access to visionary and inspirational material, some hand selected for your unique situation. You will receive:


  • Tangible, on-going authentic insights for continued growth

  • Useful techniques to harness your strengths, define areas to grow

  • Gain knowledge of uncommon principles to enhance your awareness

  • Tools to shift, change and transform the human condition

  • Empowerment processes for continued well being

  • A vast, rich and deeply meaningful life experience

  • ​For your left brain, I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist thinking.


Successfully Manage Life Habits  I also take clients for general hypnotherapy needs (stress, weight, pain management, etc.) and healing for medical conditions as a complement to treatment.