Grant Cameron Interviews Dr. Shirley Ryan

Extraterrestrial expert Grant Cameron opens the door during our interview to multidimensional travel, orbs, crop circles and UFOs as we address Thanes book, Channeling Thanes: Diary of a Medium, An Intuitive Empath...And, a True Story. Grant offered an energizing set of questions as we discussed the possibilities on ETI's interaction with Earth, the purpose of their visits and my amusing guide Thanes who spearheaded the development of this book. Thanes is an ETI who has passed to the Afterlife and has been a constant part of my life as my eternal guide throughout my many lives. Her book is the story of both of our lives, which began with her story, and evolved in the writing to express my own psychic autobiography. Yes, I am a medium, curiously though, I don’t read for others, I teach others to uncover their own intuitive gifts. While Thanes, an ETI expressed herself through automatic writing, I drew heavily on my journals to paint a picture of the story of both of our lives over the years as I awakened to my own enlightenment. My physical life as a therapist, teacher, hypnotherapist is not relevant here, but how I allowed myself to open to my psychic gifts is much more interesting. The more I allowed Thanes to consciously speak through me, write through me and express the amazing stories she has to share, the more I wanted to provide that story to the world. The psychic experiences that I had was simply icing on the cake, because of the perspective it gives to our life here on Earth.

Channeling Thanes: Diary of a Medium, an Intuitive Empath...And a True Story

Dr. Shirley Ryan is a practicing counselor, hypnotherapist and medium.

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