ETI Guide Speaks Candidly with Medium

Ever wonder what would happen if an ETI passed on to the Afterlife? Probably not, but yes extraterrestrials do die and they do go on to the Afterlife as well. In this book, we join as one mind to speak about the Extraterrestrial communities throughout the galaxies. Meet Thanes, an extraterrestrial (ETI), healer, and AI of another kind. Channeling Thanes is a true story of Thanes life, planets prominent in her sphere of influence, artificial intelligence, and my psychic life as an empathic medium. About the book,

Channeling Thanes: Diary of a Medium, An Intuitive Empath...And, a True Story

This is the story of my guide Thanes, which began with her story, although evolved in the writing to express my own psychic autobiography as I healed enough to return to my intuitive, empathic roots. Yes, I am a medium, curiously though, I don’t read for others, I teach others to uncover their own intuitive gifts. While Thanes expressed herself through automatic writing, I drew heavily on my journals to paint a picture of the story of both of our lives over the years as I awakened to my own enlightenment. My physical life as a therapist, teacher, hypnotherapist is not relevant here, but how I allowed myself to open to my psychic gifts is much more interesting. The more I allowed Thanes to consciously speak through me, write through me and express the amazing stories she has to share, the more I wanted to provide that story to the world. The psychic experiences that I had was simply icing on the cake, because of the perspective it gives to our life here on Earth. I now would like to introduce Thanes who would like to say a few words. Dear ones, my people and other people within the universe, are all extraterrestrials, all human and flesh and blood. We have a vested interest in how Earth survives the next 10 years and we have made an effort to be more visible. We’ve made ourselves known by revealing ourselves in your skies. We have danced around your jet fighters as they tried to follow us along our paths. We have heard your lamentations about landing on the White House lawn as proof of the extraterrestrial people. Our thoughts and speculations in this regard is to maintain a present discipline to avoid the leadership of your nations, for obvious reasons. Leadership is not at all ready for discussions. However, we do feel hopeful that there are enough people of Earth who are ready for discussions like the ones in this book. How do you proceed? As meditators who open their hearts to allow their guidance to share themselves. We offer an opportunity through these words to explore who we are and how we began to communicate with this explorer/warrior working with us to help earth let go of their primitive ways of life. We have watched from a far, and sometimes up close for most of your lives on the Earth. We only want the best for you; success, abundance, health, and wellness in its many forms. We see a beautiful life for all, and we ask your help to elicit each of your collaborative assistance. That beautiful life will come without your help, but it will come much sooner as we pull together collectively to raise the energy of the earth to higher levels of frequency and vibration. The end of this book shows a preview of what you can expect eventually. We would like to see if sooner than later. We are the people of the universe. Yes, we are extraterrestrials, because we have lived our lives elsewhere. We do have a vested interest in your healing, as I stated above. The Earth affects us, our worlds and we also want our lives to remain healthy. Please help us to help you maintain your lifestyles and our a gentle reminder, we are all One.

Dr. Shirley Ryan is a practicing counselor, hypnotherapist and writes on the topic of consciousness, extraterrestrials and the Afterlife. Join us on Facebook and be invited to the Spiritual Explorer's page.

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