Want to Visit Uncle Harry? Well, Yes You Can!

Moving between layers of the astral plane and the Afterlife is not only possible, with practice, anyone can do it. This effect is mostly understood directly through researchers of Out of Body Experiencers, (OBErs) and indirectly, through Near Death Experiencers, NDErs. Most of us are not terribly surprised that we cycle through lifetimes in the physical plane. There is much in the spiritual literature around this phenomena. Ultimately, tradition states that after each death, we go to the level of afterlife that corresponds with our highest level of spiritual attainment. This is all self-imposed, there is no judgment in the Universe, but our own sense of responsibility to ourselves.

While I've never had an NDE, from my experience out of body, research and my guides assistance, I have come to some conclusions about the afterlife. This plane is accessible and so are the other planes of existence. There are some givens, order and limits, but not for the reasons you think.

We can all choose to go to the Afterlife after death, even those who are very much damaged can cycle back to the warmth and comfort of the afterlife, with a stop at a healing station to recalibrate their energy. That said, those who deliberately hurt others and cause harm, start wars, etc., do not ascend very far when they die. This is by choice. Most go to environments that correspond to the state of their inner life. They find themselves in an environment that resonates with their consciousness. Examples: Some people that kill other people wake up after death in a world where everyone is trying to murder everyone else. People that steal from others may find themselves in an environment where everyone is stealing from each other. They are not barred from the Afterlife, it is all self imposed. There are higher souls who search for those who have lost their way, to return them to the Afterlife for healing and reflection, ultimately it is their choice.

For the adventurous, there are planes or layers beyond earth that we can actually visit through OBE and Hypnotherapy. In trance states, you can visit any one of the planes of existence. The descriptions above are interpenetrating planes of existence. Beginning with Earth, and ending at God or Source Consciousness, also known as the end of manifest creation, the void of pure consciousness, Nirvana, and beyond. These structures are an overall concept of the invisible structure of humankind, and the universe. The map is important to understand the potential of Astral Projection, if that is something that holds your interest. Otherwise, a brief explanation of these planes also helps to show the progression through the afterlife as well. Even though my research shows that there are infinite levels in the Afterlife, my guides tell me no, only the highest astral plane has sub levels. I definitely trust my guidance. CELESTIAL COSMIC PLANES The Light or the mind of God, and my research of major traditions (religious and other) tells me that Source is who is creating all we see. Now my guidance recently reminded me that no one knows for sure. In this realm we are beyond our human comprehension, in a spiritual plane of creation. Within the celestial realm there is no individuality, this is where, if we want to, we can reabsorb into God or Source Consciousness, endlessly creating everything below itself. Most wish to stay in the lower planes though, learning, growing and elevating their energy to pass onto Source.

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS PLANE The realm of pure consciousness. Persistent, conscious, spiritual awareness. There are no sub planes, but we enter at lower levels of energy and expand.

MENTAL-CAUSAL PLANES Here we are beyond the astral plane, in a vehicle of formal mind and instrument of concrete thought. We have a deeper sense of individuality and this plane is an enormous, a beautiful expression of the universe. It’s an incomprehensible super dimension of thought. When souls have evolved to this level, they have shed most of their personal ego. In fact, in speaking with them, an effort must often be made to reveal the personal identity they had when they were in their now discarded physical body, this includes even their religious dogma. A vehicle of the individual soul, is located at the level of the higher Mental or Causal plane. It generally refers to the highest or innermost body that veils the true soul.

HIGHEST ASTRAL PLANES As participants exploring the stuff of the higher states of consciousness, this is the highest version of earth according to George Meek. We have everything of the Middle Astral, only more. Our senses are finely tuned and the colors are magnificent. We don’t even have the spectrum of colors that are within this plane of existence. The colors seem to have sparkling flecks of energy within them, and I feel as though you can see each one. The cities are made of crystal and actually, one of the times I remember going there in OBE, the crystal buildings seemed alive. They are different, "On the earth the buildings and walls are to hold things in or keep things secure. They protect from the elements and create individual spaces. The buildings play out the egos role and also represent artistic splendor and beauty for all that pass by. On the other hand, the buildings and the walls of the buildings here in the Crystal City (of the Afterlife) transmit and store energy both of light and love as well as translucent energy to illuminate this, the highest level of existence."

MIDDLE ASTRAL PLANE This amazingly beautiful place is where most of us go when we die, aka the Afterlife Dimension. The middle astral mirrors earth, but so much better. This a wonderful place, serenely beautiful, where everyone is telepathic and life flows harmoniously in incredible beauty. Actually, every plane above this one is telepathic.

LOWEST PLANE There is a denseness here, a dark and dreary place and we go willingly for different reasons. We create the lowest levels ourselves. It is all for learning. When the lesson is learned...the soul advances. The same thing happens on Earth....where, we are co-creating our lives with our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and actions. The lowest astral plane are mostly populated by greedy, resentful, unloving, self-centered people and may be fueled by fear and hate. All of the astral planes are places to learn, and some choose to explore this plane and assist others to free themselves from this particular darkness of thought.

THE EARTH This is a physical world where most of us begin. This is a dark, dense place in comparison to the astral planes, and mostly nonfunctional. Within the earth we are exercising the true nature and structure of both the human body and the worlds in which it functions. The human being as a multi-dimensional entity composed of physical, bioplasmic (ethereal), astral, mind (subconscious, conscious, superconscious), and the soul. The physical body is a vehicle of thought, feeling, awareness and action within the physical world. Here again, we are co-creating our lives with our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and the actions we generate. Side point, the brain is not the mind, the mind is interconnected, yet separate from the body. Our etheric double is a connecting link between the inner and outer form, and is a container of vital energy (chi or prana). If you are open and practice, you can go and visit these places. Spend time with loved ones that have passed, and explore adventures that are only dreamed of.

Shirley Ryan, PhD is a practicing therapist using CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy for various healing modalities.

*Afterlife Mapadapted from George Meek, So We Die, What then? Researcher and Out-Body-Experiencer, used astral projection to map the afterlife. His book, uses evidence based, scientifically proven and rigorous research to show succinct descriptions of his travels, other researchers, historical accounts, religious writings, NDEs, reincarnation, death-bed, communications with mediums and telepathic channels, spirit doctors, and some truly mind-boggling examples of communication with the dead via electronic instrumentation.

**My research also includes my own travels in OBE, and my clients, others: Wm. Buhlman, Jürgen Ziewe, Emanuel Swendenborg, Dr. Michael Newton, George Meek, Annie Kagen, J. Mack, J. Tucker, Ian Stevenson, Robert Schwartz, Joseph McMoneagle and other Remote Viewers, and countless NDErs.

Definitions of Terminology

· Plane when talking about another level of existence with completely different rules, such as the ‘astral’ plane.

· Dimension when talking about another world/universe that follows the same rules as ours, but has minor property differences. For example, a second Earth where people are slightly ahead of us.

· Realm when talking about a mixture of the two, that has a purpose. This could include something like Heaven or the Realm of the Dead. It is some sort of kingdom or land with purpose, but is too different to our reality to be called a dimension and usually follows completely different rules.

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