Healing the Earth Grid, Healing the Self

Note from Shirley Ryan: The energy of light reaches everywhere; therefore you can ride its waves to the farthest reaches that your imagination can take you. Along the way, take a healing journey that is extraordinary. By blending your body with the earth’s body in meditation, you heal both yourself and the planet at the same time. Practice daily for energy, health and to add to the positive flow of energy of your life and the planet.

The work of healing the earth grid is a labor of love taking many dedicated people. What you heal is yourself, your family and your community, your state, and the nation. Inevitably, the whole planet. Like a ripple effect, each concentric ring of loving energy moves out in wave-after-wave flowing like a contagious smile projected onto all who happens by. One community flows into another, one region into another and one nation into another, bringing peace and positive regard to the masses. I use this morning and night and with intention, in the morning arise with more energy and in the evening, fall to sleep with a feeling of being wrapped in loving energy.

*Shirley Ryan is a practicing hypnotherapist and healer. From her book, Sacred Journey, 2012 and Beyond, former title, “Healing the Grid.”

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