Battling the Archetype of the Trickster

Battling the Archetype of the Trickster and the Shapeshifter, on good and evil has taken on more energy this past two years. Throughout my life, I have studied spirituality, God, and the interpretation of good and evil, as well as the product of our conditioning on belief. Over the years, I chosen to rise above that conditioning. I have decided to stay with my personal evolution and commitment that there is no evil, besides our shadow elements. What those in the physical world bring forth through a distorted perception, and the archetype of the Trickster and the shadow elements are played out in books and movies everywhere, there for all to see. As I tease apart these concepts, I find myself staying focused on my evaluation based on several points. We can talk about that in some depth, but until you uncover this for yourself, it never hurts to surround yourself with a protective bubble of safety or blanket of protection! Smile, what can it hurt. In teasing these ideas out, find what you believe in first.

  1. If one believes in God as Creator, and God created everything, and he/she created everything as Self, and the Creator is All That Is, and All That Is, is good, then how could there be evil?

  2. If one believes that there is no God, but our world is built on Source or Universal energy and we are all energy, and this energy is Intelligent Energy, and this energy is within and around everything, then this energy must be neutral, because energy is neutral. If it is neutral, then it can’t be evil.

  3. If one believes in a collective unconscious as Jung wrote, and we are part of this collective unconsciousness, then we are part of this archetype of wholeness and as beings, we can influence this energy. If it is manipulative or adaptable, then it is only as evil as the humans who put forth this energy.

Actually, there is a place in my perspective for all three concepts, neatly packaged into my perspective of life and sometime I may explain how this is possible, but for now, let's look at energy itself.

Psychiatrist Carl G. Jung reflections on the Bible, begin to examine these thoughts further. He said, “… in the darkest Middle Ages…. they spoke of the devil, today we call it a neurosis.” The resident evil “… describes the grotesque and sinister side of the unconscious; for we have never really come to grips with it and consequently it has remained in its original savage state. Jung calls it the Shadow, or all that we don’t know about ourselves. Have you ever done or said something that made you wonder…now where did that come from?

Within this collective energy that judges others to be this way OR that way, rather than this way AND that way, more dualistic (black & white) then polarizing (shades of gray), then we are projecting this dualistic world of energy onto our world view, the good or bad. Jung, the son of a Swiss minister, goes on to interpret a passage of the Bible, “… Lucifer was perhaps the one who best understood the divine will struggling to create a world and who carried out that will most faithfully. For, by rebelling against God, he became the active principle of a creation which opposed to God a counter-will of its own. Because God willed this, we are told in Genesis 3 that he gave man the power to will otherwise. Had he not done so, he would have created nothing but a machine, and then the incarnation and the redemption would never have come about. Nor would there have been any revelation of the Trinity, because everything would have remained One forever.” ~Jung (1933) The power to rise up from darkness of a loveless world of conformity is seen in the latest feel good movie from Disney, a Wrinkle in Time.

I'm a great lover of metaphor and symbolism, so it's no wonder I truly loved this movie. Our heroin, Meg finds herself in the evil planet of “IT,” falling through the darkness into the light. Not only is the planet Camazotz a parody of Meg's personal desire to be like everyone else, but the evil planet is also a parody of her hometown, in that both communities are devoid of love. She must find a happy medium that is neither the extreme conformity represented by Camazotz nor the alienation of her own high school experience, but somewhere between the two. Others have suggested that the planet represents Cold War totalitarianism, much like the mechanical, robot-like creatures that inhabit Orwell's 1984. All three scenarios present a lack of love and with a choke hold on a belief that no longer serves the highest and best good for all.

Back on our planet earth, when as a collective energy, we decide to let go of our dualistic thinking of either/or, black or white, right or wrong, good or bad, etc. and concentrate on a neutral way of projecting our world, as peaceful and full of potential love, then we can influence it for the better. Perhaps then we begin to form an energy on the planet that is different than the way it was designed to be as a dualistic energy that changes at the will of humankind, then the whole planet can move to a higher level of existence, an existence based on neutrality. Ultimately, this neutrality can then build a world based on a collective of thought that offers the best for the majority, rather than the minority of the collective, and in time this collective will grow stronger, and the minority will become extinct. I believe there is a strong presence of neutrality in the world and in that neutrality we can detach from the constant struggle of dualistic thinking to detach in our belief systems. When we embrace a world and influences its daily evolution towards peaceful resolution of conflict, we will have arrived at our next level of consciousness.

*Dr. Shirley Ryan is a practicing therapist and hypnotherapist and works through teleconference, all over the country.


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