I was pleased to see that Dr. Weiss promoted psychic abilities (from skeptic to fully onboard) here and John Holland saying that everyone is born psychic. I agree completely, though as they both went back and forth with their ideas, I can say that people like John Holland succeed because they get training to understand and practice their craft. Learning to get your own personality out of the way, allows you to see into other dimensions, meet with guides and get information from them on demand. I personally use all of the "Claire's" to enhance my practice, leading people to their highest and best understanding of others, and life. Whatever you do in your work can be enhanced by a deeper, intuitive understanding, whether you want to be a better teacher, counsel from a higher perspective, play the stock market with more hits, expand your nurturing as a parent, or explore the Universe. For example, there was once a psychic that teamed with an archeologist to explore artifacts from digs. He was more successful with describing those artifacts then carbon dating techniques! So, we have 5 physical senses, but I believe there will be a time when schools will embrace and expand to the "subtle senses" providing at least 4 psychic senses (there are more than the "claire's" to choose from), perhaps more to use in daily life.

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