Boy Remembers Waiting to be Born

FROM THE NURSERY Yes, forgot to mention that there is a nursery in the Afterlife for new born or "young" souls who have just splintered off Source/God. This nursery has been described by clients in deep hypnosis as "I have learned there seems to be a kind of spirit world maternity ward for newborn souls. One client told me, "This place is where infantile light is arranged in a honeycomb fashion as unhatched eggs, (Interpretation by on client) ready to be used."* The child below describes it as a stream or river (of consciousness?).

BOY REMEMBERS WAITING TO BE BORN Daniel Jones, Preston Two-and-a-half year old Daniel is a beautiful brown-eyed dark-haired child with a ready smile. The great love of his life is water…When he was eventually persuaded to come out of the water, Daniel said the strangest thing to his mother who was busy with a towel trying to dry him off. He said, ‘I had to go into the water to get born, Mummy.’

Daniel then said, ‘It wasn’t the same as the sea, though. It was a river.’… ‘It was in Heaven, of course.’ Greta’s ears started to prick when she heard this, and she asked Daniel, ‘What are you on about, Danny?’ Her son then said, ‘You know, Heaven, where all the little boys and girls live before they get to be born. ‘Well, where is this Heaven then?’ The child answered, ‘It’s where the river was before I was born.’ Greta became more and more intrigued as she listened to her son. She asked him, ‘How do you know that it was Heaven?’ and he replied, ‘Well that’s the name everybody here gives it.’ His mother asked him, ‘Is that the name you called it when you were there?’ The child replied, ‘No.’ Greta asked him what he had called it then, and he told her that they didn’t call it anything, they just lived there. …

When he was nearly four he told his mother that there were lots of other children there and they were all good friends. The river flowed through this place and when it was time for any of the children to be born they would be led to the river with all their friends around them and then they would either jump into the water themselves or else someone would push them in. Daniel remembers very well when it was his turn to be born. He said that he had been told well in advance that he would soon be leaving all his friends for a while because he was to come to Earth and that his Mummy and Daddy would be waiting for him. He was told that he would see his friends again when he went back there to live with them all again. A strange thing that Daniel said was that he knows some of his friends were going to be born at the same time as he was and they all knew that they would meet up with each other while they lived on earth. When his mother asked him if he knew any of these friends Daniel told her that he hadn’t met them yet, but he was sure that as soon as he did meet one of them they would know each other straightaway….Daniel said that when it was his turn to be born he was pushed into the river and that was all he could remember. He went on to tell Greta that when he went into the river that was the time when he left the other place where he had been living. He told his mother, ‘That’s when I came to you and Daddy.’**

*Michael Newton, PhD Journey of Souls **Mary & Peter Harrison Harrison, PAST LIVES : Children Time Forgot

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