I read a good question somewhere! Do we take things from the Akashic Records to create the turmoil in the world. While I agree that sometimes horrible things happen for the growth of humanity, mostly we come to grow here, not to cause pain and suffering. The Dr. Michael Newton studies, show that souls come here and select a body to enact a certain life. Once embedded in the body, that life, having Free Will, the body can muffle and overcome the soul's guidance, causing suffering and calamity in its wake. This allows serial killers, murders, sociopaths and the mentally ill to enact the negative things to be befall our lives. This was not planned, not extracted from the Akashic Records, this is rogue body/mind connection, arrogant, out of control and intent on their own purposes.

Let's first say that souls coming to earth don't come here to be mass murderers, Hitler-Like, or serial killers. They may chose a life as a addict or paraplegic or one with Alzheimer disease for the learning, for themselves and everyone around them. They don't, however, choose to create heinous crimes. I did speak of this type of soul life disconnect before. They come to experience a variety of emotions, sensations, and to explore the meaning of the physical world. There sometimes seems to be a disconnect between soul, mind and the physical brain, leading to soul disharmony. Sometimes a soul that is immature or lacking in lifetimes of experience can get lost and separated from the influence of guides, leaving them lost and isolated. Upon return to the Afterlife, they are put into a group of peers to work through these traumas and be healed of the fragmentation perpetrated by their own soul. Because wrongdoing takes so many forms on Earth, spiritual instruction and the type of isolation used is varied for each soul. They come to Earth voluntarily to learn, knowing full well where they are going. There is no residence of terrible suffering or "hell" besides that of the planet Earth. Punishment does not create learning, experience does though, and each must review their own lives from many perspectives to learn from those experiences. This can be hard to do, since you not only experience your own feelings again, but also everyone you have ever hurt. Everyone returning, the victims of abuses and the criminal is then showered with loving energy until healed. Does that help? Feel free to ask more questions.

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