Freeway Miracles

Yesterday I drove to my daughters to spend the afternoon with her, to hug, to be, and to nourish each other. On the return trip, there was unusually heavy traffic, so as I sat on the freeway, which had now become a "parking lot," I looked up at a familiar landmark that I have watched over the years. At first a simple outline with white rocks on the edge of a gently sloping hillside. Now, years later, it was outlined and sparkling with a white, rope- light that edged the huge cross: Jesus Saves written in the middle. Because the hillside was so dark, all that was visible was the cross floating there in the darkness, eerily and seemingly suspended above the ground, just slightly tipped forward to see the writing. I smiled to myself in recognition of this powerful message and turned my eyes back to the road, as the car edged another inch or two forward.

My eyes are tired, I thought, and they burned a bit, so I decided to put on some music to wake myself up. I was wearing a mobile wireless earbud that hooked together in the back. I had used them to talk with my sister earlier, leaving them on in case I had a call. In the darkness I struggled to find my iPhone to put some music on, wondering where it was and which piece of music would use to energize me. I rarely listen to the hundreds of songs that I've collected over the years, preferring to turn on Pandora to one of my stations. Then something wonderful happened, music started playing automatically. The song: The Lord's Prayer, I didn't even know that I had this recording by Susan Boyle. Next came "Let There Be Peace on Earth" (and let it begin you...); which played twice by different artist. Next came: The Miracle of the Candle, This Old Cross, and a flood of Christmas music. Music played for an hour, some songs repeating themselves. Then the music stopped as abruptly as it began.

I sat there in the stillness as peace filled me, my car moving forward, driving now at a normal speed. I felt a rush of gratitude and peace wash over me, as I recounted the experience, hoping not to forget a moment of it. What did all of this mean? It will mean different things to different people. For me it meant that we are not alone, we have the strength of the Universe at our backs and we are far more powerful then we know. Let me say that even though the opportunity of a moment came in the form of a cross, symbolically, the meaning for me was to get off the cross and stand for what you believe in, what you want to see happen? We are in this together and we don't have to let "authoritarianism" win today. We don't have to let another Hitler-like personality rule the country. We can stand in peaceful unity, Stronger Together, watchful and confident that we have the tools to make a difference. Now more than ever, we must stay focused and alert, keep our energy high and see only what we want to happen. In other words, stay out of fear. The energy of love matters more than ever. Be at peace in this, we are not alone!

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at

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