The Brain Rewiring Itself, Really!

Quick Tip: Above you will see live neurons connecting and rewiring itself.Every time you have a new significant thought, your brain creates a new neural pathway: The biology goes both ways, because when you stop having a thought, the neural pathways disconnect. You can deliberately change your brain, retrain it to conform to your new vision.

Neuroscientist, Joe Dispenza says he hopes that your being able to see the brain in action and how the brain can change, that there might be a scientific bassi for accepting that your thoughts can create your reality. For the doubter, entertain the idea that the way you think directly affects your life.

Neurogenesis, also offers that the ability does not diminish with age. Your brain is constantly making and breaking neural pathways. We are powerful when we know that if...we...Choose our thoughts; we can change our biology; and create our new world.

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