NEW: Rewiring the Brain Part I The Mind & Your Unlimited Power

the neurochemical connections within our brain, and how hypnotherapy heals, leading to healthier, happier life. We now see that our thoughts “chemically” drive what we feel, and draw us to certain experiences in life. I’ve talked a lot about how thoughts drive feelings, but I’ll bet it didn’t occur that thoughts actually change the chemistry of the brain! Now if you have physical and emotional issues, or feel that the law of attraction isn’t working for you, this might be important to hear. So, I want to pair how we think, with the science of the brain, to explain those chemical reactions occur within us. Those that can make lasting changes in our lives, just by changing some outdated beliefs or ways of thinking. When we think differently, we view the world differently and in the process, open the door to be excellent receivers of the good around us. In this video, we are going to look more generally, at our subconscious mind. Including where the beliefs and values lay; then, how hypnosis can help. More importantly, I want to show that each of us are unlimited and capable of more than you can imagine. In the next video, I’ll show you briefly, the science of the brain and how it is effects our life, behaviors, and consciousness. Then in the 3rd video, we’ll pull it all together with how spirituality interfaces with all of these ideas.

Now allow yourself for a moment to imagine the human mind as an iceberg in the sea of consciousness. Essentially, our brains transmit current or electrical waves, which are different for different activities. Briefly, the chemistry of the brain shows it’s always helping you heal. You’d be amazed at how truly powerful and unlimited you are, even on a simple level. Think about it, we heal ourselves every day of bruises, cuts, flu’s and colds. But have you ever heard of the placebo effect? Through studies with drugs and placebos or sugar pills, doctors have found that the belief that a drug can heal, is just as good as the potent drug, even if it’s an inert drug, a sugar pill. I’ll talk more about that in the second video, but just take a quick look at the virtual drugstore we have in our brains, just waiting to be tapped for healing. Hypnotherapy helps to trigger those chemicals to assist you in all sorts of healing, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Your inner drugstore can be tapped in many ways, but I like to use a metaphor of a Control Booth, within the Mind. Here you can see the potential to activate all of the regions of the mind, body and inner labs. We create mixtures of chemicals through our creative, higher power--and what a good lab we have too--chuck full of all the right stuff to carry out healing.

But let’s go back to the iceberg analogy, the Conscious Mind is located at the tip of the iceberg and its rational and reasons, through the process of thinking. Mostly it analyzes incoming data, like what you see and hear. Our brains display waves that designate what frequency our brain is functioning at. So, the brain operates from ionic current within the neurons of the brain. The Beta wave is most active is daily activities, Alpha is the dreamier, fantasy part; and we access this part of us while meditating. Theta goes deeper, and it’s where hypnosis occurs--I’ll talk more about that later…and then there is the Delta wave, where we are in deep sleep, unconsciousness or in coma….

Now they say the brain is constrained because it can only processes five to seven bits of information at a time. Though MIT is now saying that the number is closer to 60, but you get the picture—that’s pretty cramped! Psychotherapy or talking therapy also uses this conscious part of the mind, and that is why it takes so long to process your baggage. I’ll speak to that in a few moments too. That said, willpower also resides in conscious awareness, and we live our life using the will, but the “will” is easily overridden by strong emotions. We try to control most of our behaviors and beliefs with willpower.

On the other hand, the Subconscious Mind is like the hard drive of our mind, it’s unlimited, spacious, and lies below the surface of our awareness. Behaviors and habits residing in the subconscious mind, can be retrained through hypnosis. The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind. Permanent memory, resides here, along with every experience since conception, is stored in our subconscious. During the hypnotic state, information in this part of your mind is easily accessed. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy uses both the ALPHA and THETA brain waves, depending on the level of depth needed. So, information is easily accessible at this level. Feelings and emotions come from here, which easily overrides “conscious will” when emotions are high. So feelings can influence your good work. Beliefs held at such a deep level will also get in the way of the will. With deep hypnosis and reframing beliefs during a waking state, it’s possible that this part of the mind can influence the unconscious mind and in turn conscious behaviors.

Along with beliefs, values, assumptions, histories and our memories, there is a set of driving forces called archetypes, says Swedish Psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Jung. These are the roles that we live that lead us in one direction or the other; they are the patterns we take on in our life. Learning more about these energy patterns can also help you to a better life. We won’t get into these either, but I do want to show you that they lay outside of conscious awareness, and are the shadowy elements of ourselves that sometimes keep us stuck.

Lastly, at least for this video, we have the unconscious mind. We have no conscious control or awareness of the Unconscious Mind; which forms the slow DELTA Brain waves. This is where the autonomic nervous system resides that controls automatic body functions like breathing, heartbeat, digestion and the immune system. It’s where you go in deep sleep, or when the body is unconscious or in a coma. There is a bit of controversy within Western medicine as to whether hypnosis can reach this area. Thousands of people during Near Death Experience say we can be conscious while we are in a coma. In my practice and in my experience, I say we can access the immune and digestive system!

Finally, I want to submit again that you have unlimited potential to experience the life you want to live. Each of you are the beautiful, golden children of the Universe and there is such good all-around you! All that is needed is to let go of old beliefs. Now, this is a loaded statement, because I also believe that we incarnate here, to learn lessons and sometimes those lessons are hard on us. Although, I’ll let you in on a secret. The Universe doesn’t want you to suffer at all, in fact, everything you need is within each of you to live the life you want to live, you just have to tap the right place. In the next video, I’ll share images of the brain in action…how we learn, what it looks like when the brain is happy, sick, growing, learning, and healing--stay tuned for an amazing journey into the body.


Hypnosis is an amazing tool for physical and emotional healing, spiritual development and personal change. Within this video, we'll pair how we think, with the science of the brain, to explain the chemical reactions that occur within us, making changes, or not. If you want to make lasting changes in your life, then by changing some outdated beliefs and ways of thinking, your mind and body become more current and fitting to your life, and worldview. More importantly, you become an unlimited self, and capable of more than you can imagine. In the next 3 videos, we are going to talk briefly about the science of the brain and how it is effects our life, behaviors, consciousness. and our spirituality. Also, we will look at how spirituality interfaces with all of these ideas.

Hypnosis helps to rewire your brain for long term health and wellbeing; healing brain neurons (transmitters) and nerve connections. The chemicals of your brain are like a great big pharmacy within you. Hypnosis allows you to access the placebo effect, activating our own internal pharmacy of chemicals for healing. Reprograming your brain and managing your inner resources is not only your right, but your gift from the Universe! Empower yourself today, to move to your highest and best self. Additionally, hypnosis can help you to learn to think differently. What I am saying is that through hypnosis you can take your brain off its looping default system of old programing, the kind that sends the same useless messages around in circles in your mind. Then replace those messages to create miracles, magic and amazing opportunities in your life.

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