Recalibrating Earth & New Consciousness

We all feel it deep down, the sense that something is coming. We are on the threshold of a significant worldwide event; a change in consciousness, and all change keeps us unsettled. We are experiencing the evolution of humanity. There are many different stories of how that will play out. There are some people that think the whole notion of ascension means they will be lifted to an entirely different earth, leaving the world of duality behind as an old crashes and burns, and new earth blossoms from the rubble. There is some truth here as we are seeing similar things happening to our earth that seem to mirror what we experience in the development of the mature adult. In adulthood, healthy adults of both genders integrate masculine with feminine energies to create a more balanced human being. Just as we change and develop as individuals, our world is also changing and developing, and out of the ashes will come a new worldview and a better tomorrow. We are being educated. Obama had his place in educating us globally on the shadowy side of our nature or the duality of the races. As I have said before, race is a myth, there is no such thing because we are one species and race is nothing more than an ethnic group. Clinton on the other hand, has her place in the evolution of humanity as well, she holds the "women's world view" and all it means worldwide. It is no accident that she has dedicated herself to women, children and families all these years in the public arena.

Typically, each of us go through a major chronological stage of life that calls forth the two archetypal energy, masculine and feminine that seem to be in opposition. Our many archetypes (patterns) contribute to our growth and development, but these two archetypes have their own separate existences as psychic entities. They can emerge at any time of life, and they are usually more effective when we learn to use them well. Rather than one defeating or repressing the other, one simply allows the complementary dance to unfold. These archetypes are initially experienced dualistically as opposites, but at best they are more equivalent to a yin and yang relationship, being two sides of the same phenomenon. When they are experienced in this way rather than as two opposing, dualistic choices, the life issue is resolved. In addition, when we are able to become the good parent to ourselves, generally the child within is also healed. The process of the journey includes the dialectical resolution of the archetypal processes of the cycle of life: Seeker, Lover, and the Promised Land; and Creator, Destroyer, and Rebirth, it is the Journey of the Hero unfolding. Finding ourselves and transforming our world involves all these processes and more. To be fully whole, we also must confront our gender, our cultural heritage, and our personal uniqueness. 

As these roles play out worldwide, we see that resolution is stuck in traditional spheres of life. The fact is that in patriarchy, neither sex has a real sense of its gender identity outside of a system of hierarchy and dominance, it is wounding to both. For men, if their fathers were not around very much because they were absent or in work activities, they too are trying to live up to a role that they do not really see up close. Establishing a female identity in a patriarchal society can be deeply wounding to a woman if she comes to believe that to be female is to be, if not inferior, at least limited in life’s options, e.g. a perfect 10. Everywhere she looks, a woman sees men in positions of power and authority, and when women are there, she learns they are pioneers or special cases. Whether blatantly or subtly, she learns from the culture, if not from her family, that being male is better. Sometimes women in business and public office dress to hide from their gender or at least downplay it, if they want to succeed. I remember when I had long hair and I was dating someone of equal education and status in the business world. He asked me rather innocently, “Have you ever had problems with people taking you seriously with all that hair?” I said, “Actually not until now!” Needless to say that was my last date with him!

The patriarchal denigration of women, furthermore, cuts individual men from openness to experiencing their own inner feminine, and keeps the culture unbalanced, as male values dominate female ones. A young girl’s wounding comes partly from internalizing messages to repress her urge to autonomy and assertion, and partly from lacking adequate role models. A young girl’s wounding comes partly from internalizing messages to repress her urge to autonomy and assertion. Men’s and women’s journeys often originate from different dilemmas and are informed by different psychological and spiritual problems. The typical male pattern, which we have been taught to see as the classical heroic pattern, begins in arrogance, and thus requires sacrifice of the ego to achieve the humility necessary to find the treasure of his true identity. The female pattern usually begins in humility and submission; the problem is not too much pride or ego, but too little. Without enough ego and enough faith in herself, a woman cannot find herself or make her contribution to the world.

That is how the duality plays out in individual lives as well as on a planetary scale. Dualistic thinking can and must change. I agree that the yin and yang philosophy of life or duality has served us well for years, but we are on the cusp of the ascension to higher expressions of humanity. We can and must expand from duality to a more polarized way of thinking and seeing the world. It is what the ascension or evolution of humanity is all about. The first thing to understand about duality is that it divides, it's either one thing or the other: black or white, right or wrong, good or evil. It does this through judgment, separating things and creating conflict. Duality is how human beings, which have much more in common than not, are convinced to fight with and even kill each other. Duality is used to create an "us versus them" mentality.

Now polarity is something else entirely. Where duality has a positive and negative pole that conflict with each other, polarity has a positive and negative pole that attract each other. As the Universe; we also interface within the light filled world of soul with the ascended masters, guides, and all others. So, finding an interface between the worldly view of the physical, and the otherworldly view of the nonphysical or nonlocal, will help to create perspective. Even though these worldviews seem to clash, if we are patient, we will make sense of the integration of thought and come to unity mind to rise above duality.

Individuals with growing unity consciousness have resolved for the most part the duality/polarized emotional energies and the “projected junk,” of society, media, social systems, families, cultures, etc., in themselves where they’re able to escape the endless back and forth tug of war of duality consciousness of reality. These individuals are perceiving from heart, as opposed to the frequency of duality. We continue to grow ourselves throughout life. The way to rate our growth is that lower frequency stuff affect us less. We see something horrible and seemingly wrong in the world but a new higher perspective and understanding about these happenings, increasingly bring us to emotional neutrality. We are not simply physical bodies; instead we are spiritual beings who are having a physical experience entailing personal growth and development. Many individuals have incorrectly assumed that the goal of being on the earth is to simply reach heaven, find enlightenment, or somehow get off the earth. And yet, this is a perspective quite different from those who study consciousness. For example, Edgar Cayce believed that as children of God, our mission was to somehow bring spirit into the earth. Both Jung and Cayce saw this process of transformation as a pattern and Jung called it an archetypal pattern within the collective unconsciousness. Each dimension has a specific spiritual curriculum that we must master, before we can graduate. This is known as the Law of Progress. For example, in 3D (the physical earth) we are learning non-duality, with sub-lessons that are pertinent to each individual. 

For every fantastic lifetime of love, joy, and happiness, there has been an equally strong and negative emotional experience of devastation, hardship, pain, and suffering. This is the purpose of duality, to fast track spiritual development. There are no such things as Hell or Satan; these are false manmade beliefs, which were created for explaining away the unloving attributes of pain, suffering, chaos, and destruction created by our early civilization. Most of humanity thinks we are born; you live, and then die. This is not the case. As souls, each one of us has had a multitude of different lifetimes on Earth. Before each incarnational cycle, you decide exactly what lessons you want to learn, the basic requirements for your life and the type of polarized experiences you want to explore on Earth.

Everything is energy, vibrating at different speeds. Negative thoughts, words, feelings and actions vibrate at the denser end of the energy spectrum, while the positive thoughts, words, feelings and actions vibrate at the higher, more uplifted end of the spectrum, closer to the original God Source. To shift our state of consciousness from one of predominant negativity to predominant health, wellbeing, joy and aliveness, we can do two things:

  1. Transmute all of the energies of our past thoughts, words, feelings and actions back into the original vibration of love from Source.

  2. Pay attention to our current thoughts and feelings so that we don’t set ourselves up to receive more of our own negativity. When we become aware that we’re following a negative train of thought, we can choose a different thought instead, one that brings a feeling of relief and expansion.

Once a critical mass of energy we are emitting is of a positive nature, we achieve a tipping point

where all energies within us are transmuted into the positive spectrum. And we never know when that 51% tipping point can occur. This is a critical mass where an unstoppable shift occurs. It is a natural law of the Universe and as we evolve and pass that tipping point, our world does too. Enough people finding their own tipping point, and critical mass happens worldwide. This pursuit of a new humanity, a spiritual lesson, is as valid and important now as ever, however, at times the spiritual path can be confusing. For clarity, spirituality does not mean becoming something you weren't before. Although the light of spirituality may soften some of your personality's rough edges, your individuality is an important part of how spirit expresses in this world through and as you.

Consequently, as we continue to lift, a kinship will form of humanity, a united world with a similar life. A life filled with compassion and equality towards one another. As we move from duality, inequality, and diversity; to unity, freedom, and solidarity, we have great potential and even greater responsibility. It exists vibrationally in an integrated position above the lower frequency of horizontal duality. Its perspective is radically different from the lower tug of war of duality consciousness and reality. Another clue that shows that we are existing and functioning within an increasingly unified consciousness is that we feel and know much more, but it doesn’t imbalance us mentally, emotionally, psychically or physically. We feel, we know, and we know we are connected to each other and yet we are still a unique individual. Be ready to know and feel as the new evolving humanity perceives an expanded mind and body, rather than ego based-consciousness and provides a much smoother, easier, gentler, faster, wiser and far-seeing life; with no intense trauma and drama. Pay attention to the new ways that you now receive and perceive information and reality through your energy field instead of only the ego. This is the true quest for spirituality, higher consciousness in a duality free, polarized life.

Note: This material is from my Spiritual Development Program.

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at

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