Maddie's Amazing Healing

Last week I rushed my little 13 year old Yorkie, Maddie to the Veterinarian with unusual,

neurological symptoms, unlike any kind of seizure or other disorder that I had seen before. My first concern was stroke and I wanted to rule things out before I worked on Maddie. Veterinarians are wonderful healers, as are the medical professions, both contribute to healing and health in various ways. I like to work with the medical professions and the many tools and talents for helping to pinpoint diagnosis. Although, there is a lot to be said for just using healing energy in a broad spectrum healing, it works fine both ways too. Believe me when I sat that we can heal others, even our pets, especially if we are energetically connected to them. We all have the potential to impart healing energies and learning how to use and handle empathic and psychic energy will provide a peace that I find hard to begin to describe. Humans, of course, have free will, so they it is more of a mystery as to whether they will allow healing into their lives. This is neither good or bad, just part of our spiritual journey.

In Maddie's case, her usual style is to get hyper and fearful, not letting me get a clear idea of her condition and that is why our vet's tools is such an important part of the process. As a medium, empath and animal communicator, I knew that I could get information from Maddie, if she could just raise her energy up so I could understand her. Actually, I usually like to work from photos of an animal, because their energy has a tendency to be erratic and get somewhat fragmented during times of stress, anxiety or pain. It is much easier to work with the healing process that way. In this case, time was a critical factor, so off to the vet's we went. The vet wanted me to rush her to UC Davis where I could find a neurologist if the first couple of hours didn't show improvement.

We discussed that she needed to hydrate and it wouldn't hurt to take blood work and X-rays so he agreed, although he felt UC would be a better option, my intuition said otherwise. We waited an excruciating 4 hours, and she had no recurrence of symptoms, 4 more and they said to pick her up. Nothing more that they could do... a neurologist might help, but then again, might not either, so I took her home. She was much better in the morning, and I took her back after 24 hours, he said "nothing he did could have cured her with such precision. Near perfect blood work, complete healing in less then 24 hours, not a chance!" There wasn't a drug that could have healed her, it was neurological in his opinion.

In my heart of hearts, I knew she would be fine, so on day one, I made a healing mandala for her and meditated in prayerful silence. My Canadian friend Chris, also meditated in his own way, both of us shooting loving energy to her that seemed like magic. Maddie was much better the next day, and her blood work was near perfect, in fact, everything was perfect except for being a little slow to move. Within a day and a half, she was her happy go lucky energetic self again!

Maddie's Healing Mandala

Mandalas are healing circles of light, and this one is a metaphor for energy, swirling in a vortex of healing light. The fish moves freely through water - a symbol of life which is honored in many cultures. Water is (consciousness) constantly flowing and the fish totem is an excellent teacher of transitions through life.

When I took her to the vet today, a week had past and the vet was puzzled by of her amazing recovery. "Love, hypnosis and meditation can go along way," I told him. I showed him my

mandala focusing meditation-painting and he just shook his head and said, amazing... keep doing what you are doing, she seems just fine and she is too.

I'm not unusual, all my students are healing practitioners and all seem to be "animal lovers" too! We all have the potential, to bring those dormant talents of healing to the surface. There are many ways to heal self and heal others, the mandala paired with meditation is just one. Find yours today and start the journey to work with life in a different way. 

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at

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