CLI Graduate to Begin Practice!

One of my students, Rhonda Woods is taking the next step on her spiritual journey after her "graduation" from my Spiritual Development Program! She got her business cards yesterday and is ready for her appointment at the Tallahassee Hospice Center. I know she won't mind me sharing briefly her story, to give an understand one of the many ways you can serve as a spiritual counselor. Honestly, when I tell others about hospice counseling, I can see them cringe. This only shows the superficial understanding of a complex and wonderful

developmental last step of life, in this particular body. She is a perfect candidate for her work, because not only is she empathic, but she is emotionally suited to give in this way. Her deeply personal reasons is based on her gratitude for the hospice program upon the tragic loss, and brother's experience with hospice. He used these services in his last days of fighting cancer. Hospice was an incredible strength and resource for him and her whole family. This led her to want to give back to others. Since she is deeply spiritual anyway, hospice seemed like a good fit. She wanted others to know what she has learned through deepening her spiritual side, filling in the blanks of her faith: that yes indeed, we never die; and also, we can stay connected to those who have passed, through synchronistic messages, and many other psychic, empathic ways. I am blessed to have witnessed her journey of discovery and her deep passion for hospice. She will give an amazing gift to patients and family members who are making the last leg of their physical journey. Who are transitioning to the Afterlife. Bless you Rhonda Woods, you inspire all who witness your amazing gifts to humanity! Good work Rhonda!

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at

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