The Moral Battle of Vegan vs Meat Consumption

To be or not to be Vegan that my friends is the fair question. Which is the right choice? Who is the more morally correct? Moral dilemmas such as this one sometimes keep us on the fence. Vegans believe they are being consciously aware, and they are too! However, as someone who I have a PhD in Consciousness, I have had many discussions over these lifestyle choices. The tug of war over our state of physical life and our consciousness of spirit explore all popular judgments made by our physical mind in a checklist of "right and wrongs." Judgments in and of itself reduces the whole notion of spirituality and balance in life is also important. Consider this from a different perspective: We are all here for a purpose and part of that purpose includes a life of moderation, not that that is the end all be all. If you haven't read the Afterlife of Billy Fingers, this might be a good time to do so. The consummate alcoholic and addict was a wise soul who gave more after death, then during his life.

Making good decisions about our body are important, but not to the exclusion of the lessons we are here to learn. Yes, we are here to learn lessons and yes, this is a school for soul. What I am saying here is that what is healthy and true for one is not necessarily right for another. Whatever makes us feel healthy is right for each of us--there are pros and cons in this regard. The most important thing to understand is that there is consciousness in every living thing (even plant life) and each has a purpose. We are all here to live and give within the chain of life of the physical world. Historically, animals have come here to serve humanity in positive ways. They live, grow and sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole cycle of life, it is their purpose to give. Our job is to honor that gift and nourish our body responsibly and moderately. Honoring includes creating positive lifestyles for these animals while they are here on the earth and being grateful for the gift they give of themselves at the end of their lives.

One of the biggest lessons from this is responsibility for our own physical vehicle: we are also animals and we come here to participate in this cycle of physical life. I have a lot of vegan friends, one said to me, I know plant life also has consciousness, if only I could just get to a place where I just lived on air...well until they make synthetic food that doesn't require a contribution from a living thing, we might just have to accept that we are "human beings," here living a physical life. Our spiritual journey begins with the full acceptance of this body that houses our soul, and the lessons that we are here to learn. There are many different ways to live on this planet and none are more or less correct for the individual.

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at.

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