The Earth School & Damaged Souls

Whatever happens to us in life, it is important we understand that our happiness or pain does not reflect either blessings or betrayal on the part of a God-Oversoul, our guides, or life selection coordinators. We are the masters of our destiny. While events, race, culture, and geographic location often appear to come first in the selection process, they are not the most significant choices for the soul’s next life. Aside from all other considerations, incarnation comes down to souls making that all- important decision of a specific body, and what human being utilizing the brain of a certain human being can learn.

The space souls go to for this in the spirit world is commonly called the place of recognition, or recognition class. I am told the activity here is like cramming for a final exam. One of the last requirements before embarkation for many souls is to go before the Council of Elders for the second time. The spirit world is an environment personified by order and the Elders want to reinforce the significance of a soul's goals for the next life. Some return to their spirit group after this meeting to say goodbye while others say they leave immediately for reincarnation. Those souls getting ready for embarkation to Earth are like battle-hardened veterans girding themselves for combat. This is the last chance for souls to enjoy the omniscience of knowing just who they are before they must adapt to a new body.

The soul enters the host body around the end of the first trimester, and into the second trimester. Somewhere between the fourth and sixth month, and there is a lot for the soul to do during this time. The soul will work to find a connection with the brain of the host body. If the brain is receptive, it is fairly easy process, allowing the soul time to travel as the body matures enough to be born. Sometimes this travel can occur up through the 5th year of life. This is a time that is pleasant for the soul, to visit places that they have lived in previous lives, places with meaning and emotional content. However if the brain isn’t accommodating, then the soul has to find a working relationship with the host. This can cause the soul to be displaced by the host body, due to an inability of soul to find a working relationship. Can you see how this can create problems? When the host body, fails to connect with soul, a wide range of challenges occur, its physical biology, issues with mental health, culture, and other issues may cause the soul to be contaminated, or worse, damaged by the experience.

Damaged soul connections occur because of some kind of disconnection between soul and physical body during childhood or early adulthood. Many times the damage continues throughout childhood, when the connection between life within the child's physical world and is so damaged, creating a deeper amnesia then others, my take after years of work as a psychotherapist. I don't think soul's come into their body with the idea they are going to have the kind of struggles and challenges that lead to the "serial killer mentality," "psychotic mental facilities," or other severely damaging experiences. I'm thinking more that they go into a family, each disconnected from spirit, not knowing how profoundly the damage will be. Everyone in the scenario has free will, everyone is operating based on a deep disconnect of spirit, so the ultimate outcome is this severe damage and loss of connection to soul due to a debilitating, soul-less life style. We keep cycling again and again, until we master a lesson. Like I tell my clients, a great reason to do your best to complete a lesson the first time, right? That doesn't make it easier, just that you give attention and focus, etc.

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at.

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