Prince Shines Light from the Afterlife

Needless to say, there are many people who pass on to the Afterlife, and as they do, they contribute to the world in their own special way. We all bring our unique talents, crafts and skills to the world and when we pass, we are grieved by our families and peers. Some fight for our country and give the ultimate reluctant sacrifice with their lives, again grieved by their families, friends and peers. Then, there are the celebrities of the world that are good at what they do, and they are grieved by everyone that appreciated and recognizes their talent as well as by their family, friends, and peers.

Subsequently, there are those who shine a different light, not just celebrity, the difference seems to be how the death of a person touches such a wide range of other lives, not just for talent and celebrity, but in ways too complex to report upon in this short blog. This passing brings a personal and profound sense of loss to a great many. For example, these are talents like Robin Williams, John Denver, Michael Jackson and Prince. We could say that celebrities such as Doris Day and Betty White are also extraordinarily endearing talents. They also will leave a legacy of fun loving celebrity and extraordinary gifts to us, and their passions selflessly, turned to the animals of the planet where they worked tirelessly throughout their lives to ensure that these creatures are taken care of, and not abused. That said, we expect that at their ages they will pass sometime in our near future. We expect that their absence will be felt, but we have had time to allow that expectation to grow to process this experience.

When a beloved character upon the stage of our lives, leaves the world before we expect them. When they pass on it is shocking to our systems, the loss is deeply felt. Professional celebrities such as Prince, were extraordinarily talented, but who they were off stage was equal to who they were on stage and that, along with the untimeliness of their departure is what we grieve. Many gifts were given within his world, for his peers and those of future generations of talented individuals. His gifts include the courage he had to fight the music system for himself and his fellow performers; his creative genius; his craft, his spiritual messages and most importantly, his philanthropy off stage. He helped a lot of people over the years, whole communities, usually people he did not know. He anonymously sent his people to help these communities of people and used his wealth for a higher good. Finally, he was very spiritual, and it was reflected in his music, also his words and music were utterly brilliant. Now this was the Prince, his style, his thoughts, his legacy and his spirit reigning down. What he gave doesn’t diminish any other contributions. Every person contributes in their own way and every person has worth, it is just the reach of and how people use their craft, skills, passions, celebrity and education that makes a contribution private or expansive.

Profoundly disturbing to all of us, and hard for us to hear is that yet another performer, a great a life force such as Prince’s succumbed to an addiction to prescribed medication for hip pain from massive injuries, and surgeries, while performing. They were legally prescribed and when they ran out, because of his wealth, he was able access them illegally. Why do so many great performers go off the deep end? Why do they succumb to drugs to keep performing and stay awake, as he did for 154 hours straight? Partly because he was addicted to the adrenalin of performance, partly because he was addicted to the drugs that allowed him to perform through torturous pain, and partly because his spirit wanted to fly, even when his body said he could do no more. We all have experienced passionate and spiritual quests that drive us to our edge and beyond…to work all night or all week on a project that is so very important to us. We fall into a deep stupor in recovery mode and heal ourselves, vowing to take it easier next time.

For some, however, the push never stops as the door to the higher spiritual realms are open so wide, bringing so much energy and so many projects that our physical self can’t keep up. People with high opened channels of spiritual and creative expression must learn to manage these gifts of transformational energies. Managing these walks into the spiritual realm allow us to experience them in a balanced way. But unmanaged walks can leave us in a state of chaos and edgy confusion. The body says no and spirit says fly, fly higher, fill the sky, fill the planet with your extraordinary gifts. In this place, we are the light to the world, and unity with this light and with others is partly what we are here to experience in this life. For all of this, my guess is that it was spirit saying, yes, it is okay that you leave now. You did it, it was your time, you gave your gifts, and yes, Prince left thousands of of pieces of unperformed music just for us. He is literally giving them from the grave, always in excel mode, always a giver, he shines his light upon the planet, even from the Afterlife!

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at.

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