Cecil the Lion's Legacy

My thoughts have centered around Cecil the Lion for the past couple of days, as many others, I am sure. I've wondered how I could express this tragedy among so many other ones that might be perceived by some to be more important. However, I must say that Cecil is as important as any, because his story highlights man's stalled development, his inhumanity, man's darkness all too clearly. Cecil was just roaming his community, living his life in a protected environment, loving life, respected by his peers as well as humans, never offering to hurt anyone. Tame and calm, he felt safe in the park preserve, the masses driving by on photo shoots and tourist bus trips. His life taken in one grotesque action that once again presented a human being as barbaric. Even animals only kill to eat, so I ask, who is the more developed? That said, things happen for a reason and I don't think that Cecil gave his life for nothing. We are being subjected to these assaults to our senses (mass shootings, animal cruelty, child abuse, human trafficking, etc) as a wake up call for humanity. The time is now to open our hearts, to see that every living creature is important and everything we do to each other affects us. We are One and when we separate ourselves from any living thing, we keep ourselves separate from Universe/God/Source. The time is now to open our hearts, if not now, when?

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at. http://www.shirleyryan.net

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