Intuition, the Invisible Edge to Success!


I’ve come to realize that certain
parts of us are intricately tied to
our individuality and that the answers
can only come from within
ourselves. Often this is the last place
we look. What seems like the slippery function of intuition will lead us to these answers. Intuition is a general term that is descriptive of the many ways we are psychic, and we are all psychic, it is our birthright! (See my article, “Actually, We are All Psychic.”) The task of the mind and the heart is to formulate the questions. Intuition can lead to greater self-knowledge and integration of our inner and outer worlds.

Moreover, intuition is a far more powerful tool if it’s not lost among all the other components of our decision-making skills. The same is true of emotions that are in the way of decision-making. If we know what we are reacting to and why, we can make clearer rational decisions. It’s a wonder that intuition is accessed at all, since most of our decisions are an amalgam of diverse, and often conflicting facts, feelings, thoughts, and memories.

Finally, becoming aware of our intuitive hits in a conscious way, allows us to let intuitive facts supplement the other data used to make decisions. In learning how to develop intuition or the sixth senses we explore, compare and contrast the logical mind with emotions to get a clean understanding. I agree, it is no small job, but only then might we rise above the senses to evaluate the more subtle senses. Enhancing intuitive practices helps us identify each process separately, and enables use of these different aspects together more effectively, integrating mind, body and spirit. All intuitive training must begin with expanding the ability to manage the images, colors, and senses around us, and to ignore input that doesn’t help. Sometimes we don’t recognize intuitive hits because it speaks to us in a different language. Intuition is often symbolic, metaphorical and fragmentary. Only on rare occasions does it speak in complete sentences. What’s more, intuitive information often doesn’t make sense, especially when it involves the future. As a result, we train ourselves to dismiss it.

By the time we reach adulthood, our intuition is so deeply interwoven with other mental processes that we may no longer use it independent of our thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and seemingly logical decision-making processes. Just as logic can be clouded by feelings, intuition can be clouded by knowledge and logic. We spend the rest of our lives sorting and reintegrating the past and present to realize a new future self. Whether we realize it or not, our intuition plays a role in every decision we make. Getting bogged down in and over engaged in daily tasks, careers or activities keeps intuitive skill sets outside our awareness. Reading intuitive hits is not taking a test. Intuition is an information-gathering process of our subtle energy, with which we are guided to get more and better solutions. While we are not using logic, on the other hand it also isn’t magic. How do we access this area of us? We allow images, symbols and other impressions in and ask questions that bring more subtle energy in to increase intuitive reflection.


Most important is to learn to suspend judgment. We may hear an inner voice whisper, “this doesn’t make any sense.” Don’t ignore that voice, observe it, and then move on. Accept all of your impressions. Sometimes you’ll hear yourself think, is this projection? Might this be my imagination? Judgments might surface; they are the result of our logical mind asserting itself when it’s forced to work without clear idea of where it is going and of all the information that it needs to operate. Those in business are most often lefties, using more logic, organization and judgment to work. Typically this works fine and data streams, selling up and managing down, tracking budgets, critical paths, managing projects, etc., will take these tools. That said, expanding the right side of our brain can be a major asset to any left-brain activity and in this integration of resources we find a more balanced view and a global understanding of the whole. The thrust is to purposely push at the "right
side of our brain," weaving
symbolic messages, and other material in a
circular fashion, sometimes
repeating purposely and all the
while pushing for integration. The
left-brain will object, analyze, 
regroup and push back. Integration is
somewhat like birthing...half way to
three quarters of the way you will
begin to get the "why of it all." In
an epiphany of understanding, an
"ah ha" of unity, you will finally sense the process. The more right brained you are, the faster the process, but it still takes some time, and reeducation.

Realize that this process will be a change in life: how we think; how we feel about people; how we behave; our psychic impressions and synchronicities will evolve and therefore the way we see the world. As we change our world, everything, and everyone in it will change, conforming to the whole in a grand sweep of the first of many of these unifications on our journey. While this may start as you and your intuitive evolution, there is another component as higher levels of consciousness are reached. As we ascend with the flow of the Universe, a new evolution of spirit will transcend into a more active state of unity.

Becoming more "present in the moment and mindful" allows more intuitive-intercommunication, and a greater understanding of our world. This is a grand awakening process
that begins to shift the
basic foundations of life towards
living in the Now, in the present
moment or mindfulness, which creates an invisible edge to success, peace and continuity for all. Connecting to life in this way gets us in touch in practical
ways, to a life lived
interconnected to the synchronicities
all around us, the Universe and our
personal spiritual journey.

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at.

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