Pay it Forward--Man's Best Friend


True Story Beautiful image, and because I received it this morning as a synchronicity after last nights happening, I am sharing it with love...just to acknowledge this event and honor the little dog shivering in the rain last night.

We went out last night to a community event that I will post later. We stopped for a quick dinner at one of those coffee shops, it was raining pretty hard, so we ran into the cafe, and right in front of the door to go in, strapped to the bench was a little, short haired terrier of some kind, about 12-15 pounds, shivering in the dark rainy night. He was amazingly obedient, sitting where he was told to, he only shifted his weight from side to side, didn't try to get under the bench or anything, actually probably couldn't. This beautiful little guy was obviously miserable though. All the while, his owner was in the restaurant enjoying a nice liesurely dinner in a warm space, it was prime rib night with half priced wine.

I was really upset! T he restaurant was packed, so talked to the crowd at the door and the woman seating us. She said the owner is a regular, really a good guy and a good dog parent. We acknowledge that he probably was, but he probably didn't realize that it is raining. She didn't say anything, but showed us to the table. We stood in front of our table, and I told my husband that I wasn't sitting down to eat with that dog shivering in the cold out there. He said I know...then went and complained to the manager. Right about that time another patron walked around my husband, stood by our table, and starting talking about the dog very loudly, echoing what he was saying, as if he wasn't loud enough. Then the table to the side of us said, "He's still out there, he was there when we came in, and we are done with our meal!" So others started complaining (not as loudly, but the energy of the place shifted.) The server who was waiting for us to sit so he could take our order told us that staff new about it, but felt powerless to act. However, we want us to know that he is paying his bill and leaving, pointing to a 55-ish well dressed man at the register.

Apparently, he walks to the diner several times a week with his dog to get dinner. It took the energy of the whole restaurant to get some action. As soon as he left, the energy returned to normal...Now, deep down, I know this guy loved his dog, and probably didn't think this through. Even probably didn't realize that it was that cold out--55 degrees, plus wet is cold, where we live. However, we must remember that these little guys depend on us to keep them safe and healthy! Please take care of your responsibility, house dogs are not wild, if it is cold for you, it will be cold for them. If the cement is too hot for you to be barefoot on it, then the dog shouldn't be on it either, at least not standing still. Another time I witnessed a dog left in 104 degree weather, a dog left tied to a post in front of a drugstore baking in the hot sun. He was barking when I came up to him. The owner was just coming out and looked at me like, what? She didn't get a clue at all.

Whether it is a child or an animal, or whatever you have taken responsibility for, these are little lives in your hands, so please take care them, they depend on you for their well being.


Animals come into our lives for different reasons, and stay with us as we need them. They are here to teach you something of value. If they leave, it might be to provide a new lesson to us. They give us so much, including a deep sense of love and commitment. Honoring that love and loyalty is recognition that we are all "One" energy on this planet. Everything has energy, and we have the ability to communicate with all life forms...I have been blessed with the ability to communicate with animals, which I teach to those students who are ready to receive. We believe it is important to return that commitment...

Pictured is Alfie and Maddie. Our fur buddies love to go to Home Depot and get lots of love there! Big smile, they are very sweet!

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