iLove WellBEing Interviews Shirley Ryan


Interview with Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHT of Holographic Hypnotherapy at Working Together Institute

Hi Shirley! Excited to find out more about you What do you offer here in the community?


I began as a traditional counselor in 1992, and morphed into a spiritual counselor with some unique gifts. I am also a trance psychic medium, and see auras during my meetings with clients and students. This unusual combination provides more information to the client as my readings fill in the blanks remarkably well, leading to amazing results. I am also a Certified Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Past-Life Regressionist, Spiritual Regressionist, Spiritual Development Coach, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

What lead you to offering that? Over the years these gifts started manifesting through my own psychic development and seemed to want expression. Eventually, it has become a natural part of my connection and interaction with my clients, formulating a unique blend of technique. The process adds many more details to the work we do together and helps my clients heal faster. Hypnosis as a holographic process, along with cognitive restructuring, works to repattern behavior and my training programs offer techniques that I have collected and learned first hand that provide my students opportunities to find their own special gifts.

What do you love most about what you do? I love nearly everything I do with my clients and students, although the more artistic, creative, and visual that we can make our work together, the better. I also write and illustrate spiritual books, surely channeled by my loving group of guides. That said, I trust my spiritual counsel to guide us, but my clients are what makes things hum. Without my clients, students and groups, the work that I love would not be realized, and there would be no opportunity to share what I love, or convey the messages of the Universe.


What inspires you? I am inspired by each moment of the day, the creativity that each new person I meet brings to me and the unique dramas that play out in my community. I learned long ago that we can build our world the way we want to see it and it works! Helping others to learn to build their world, is a joy.

Beautiful! What are you looking forward to in the future? I have been quietly working with meditation groups (non religiously oriented) to offer meditation and breath-work training, as well as spiritual adventures (OBE’s, PLR’s, Spiritual Journey’s to Redwoods to photograph orbs and spirits). I am expanding these groups soon, so check WellBEing’s Calendar for times, if you want to be included.

Why do you like being a part of WellBEing Resource? It is especially exciting to be a part of a community that’s sole focus is on healing and one that I admire… Being a part of WellBEing Resource is an opportunity for me to be both a part of a community and provide a service to others at the same time! What a gift. For years I have worked internationally and alone, so it is very good to feel that I have a this special connection with WellBEing!

Shirley is located in the Greenhaven-Pocket area of Sacramento, CA and offers services via teleconference. Find out more at, by emailing, or call 916-706-2287.

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