Actually, We Are All Psychic!


We are all psychic and we are all spiritual beings. We were born that way. We were just meant to develop other aspects of ourselves, but the whole inculturation process of growing up tends to suspend the process of our birthright, our connection to the Universe. The act of spiritual development, not religious development, is to uncover blocks and all of the layers built up by living a life of convention and conformity. This institutional thinking, is an important activity to civilize and acculturate the planet. Unfortunately, in doing so, fear is replaced by the natural love that we were born with, our destiny. One day we awaken and find there is something more, something illusive under the surface of ourselves that wants to have our attention. This draws us like a powerful magnet and many of us try to cover this up with work and other additives. We know this in our heart of hearts.

In business, it is okay to have a good gut, we value that and actually seek these people out. We might even allow a little acknowledgement in that says yes, I am or he is somewhat intuitive. Intuitive people are known for making good decisions. But what if I were to tell you that there is more to it? We could actually have the best of both worlds. We could actually straddle the fence and allow our psychic abilities to flourish while we develop awesome strategies in the board room, or higher the best of the best in HR with a knowing, a confidence that others may not have? We all have the capacity to be so much more than we are in our day-to-day lives. We have senses that haven’t been explored, and abilities that are just inches away from us. We live fractional lives just microseconds away from a veil that surrounds us, as we live in deep amnesia from our heritage, our birthright. Take the challenge and bring your senses to a heightened pitch, to enable you to move to the next level and plane of existence. You don't even have to give up anything, just the amnesia of the other part of yourself.

Focused spiritual action is a true adventure in living and are not random mystical events that only a few lucky individuals experience. That said, for us to have a profound adventure and become authentic spiritual explorers, the greatest challenge of our lives, it is absolutely essential that our awareness move internally, from the physical to the non‐physical. A spiritual experience is the natural act of withdrawing our awareness from the physical body and consciously reuniting with our spiritual essence, our center or core self. It is the direct result of specific and focused actions of consciousness, and it is available to all of us. Beyond the adventure of the experience, there grows a profound spiritual insight that is occurs as we experience how our lives have unfolded over many life times to beyond the veil, to the Spirit World itself. This is where one finds the deep sense of peace and knowing -- where our true home lay, the utter magic of experiencing a cosmic understanding of profound proportions.

We have so much to be grateful for, allow the enfoldment to a new way of being. Let this bubble to the surface of your life. You won’t be sorry!

Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt is a practicing hypnotherapist and spiritual mentor. See more at.

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