Spirits of the Redwoods


We love to go to Redwoods National Park, the Land of the Giants, and one of the times that we went for a retreat I had an amazing experience. I was taking my two dogs for an early morning walk, and it was about 6 in the morning, very quiet, hardly anyone was stirring. When I spied, an incredible looking woman walking rhythmically across the street. Her cane clicked as she nearly glided across, tapping as she stepped to the beat of the clicking cane. Her dog followed obediently, as her glittering and sparkled in the morning light. Her flowing clothes swished in the breeze as she stepped and tapped, her way, and I was mesmerized by the experience. Then with no warning she stopped in her tracks and began to speak.

My breath caught in my throat as she told me that I had wonderful energy. I know you will appreciate this, she told me, and so you might want to go straight to the best energy up here, the 6 Mile Drive. However, when I got my dogs going in the right direction for their walk, I turned around to say thank you, and she was gone. Regardless, I followed her directions and had some of the most extraordinary experiences that day. This trip was equally powerful, as our group worked together with spirit, in trance meditation we brought in the most beautiful energy, just filled with amazing spirits. I wouldn't have known about this area if it were the lady with the glittering top hat and cane!

Trance Meditaion During deep meditation, dimensional shifts to non-local reality can create a bridge to integrated streams of soul energy. This is not only possible, but welcomed by the Spirit World, also called the non local or non physical world. They are looking in at us from other dimensions and not only can they not hurt us, they would not want to hurt us. The Universe is filled with souls who, for the most part, wish us well, but most simply want to observe us. The whole concept of duality (good and evil) exists only on this planet, not in other regions of the universe.

Since this is not a scientific explanation, I will keep it simple. These spirits and soul presences are shifting through dimensions, and riding light energy into the trees. Many clusters of souls journey together in a stream of light energy in waves from other dimensions and sometimes overlap each other. We can see these overlapping faces of spirits in the trees, in the spaces between them, or wherever they cluster. They look like you or me, just faces that no doubt have passed on.


Spiritual activity occurs around us, regardless all of the time, however, mostly people are so caught up in the day to day of our lives, and we never see or sense spiritual activity. Sometimes there are accounts of illusions that are thought to be a spiritual happening, and these are fairly obvious illusions called pareidolia. Most people have never heard of pareidolia, but nearly everyone has experienced it. When we look at this phenomena from its most basic perspective, it's "the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist," according to the World English Dictionary. It's picking a face out of a knotted tree trunk or finding zoo animals in the clouds.

On the other hand, the apparitions or visions in the trees are spirits or souls who were called in by me during meditation. You can take pictures all day there and never see one. When I call them, they came. Last time I was there, after I meditated, they hung around me and followed me everywhere! I am always amazed, no matter how much I work with spirit, opening the pathway is always different, always special and awe inspiring. I never feel blasé about these happenings no matter how many times it happens, it is humbling.


When I work with trance meditation groups in the forests, you can readily see spirits, because the canopy of the trees make it dark, so you can see the faces in the sun streamed areas much clearer. It is all about getting focus in trance meditation to open the right channels to bridge the dimensions. In that way, we can communicate, share and perceive their existence. When I am in trance I invite them into the space to raise us to a level of symbiotic perception that allows this communication to flow. The space is very healing for anyone within it, as well!

Enjoy this little one minute video I did on one of my trips to the Redwoods.

Shirley Ryan, Ph.D, CCHt has her doctorate in consciousness, is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, healer, artist and writer. Contact her if you are interested in knowing more about joining one of our Meditation Group Trips or spiritual counseling or hypnosis.

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