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The Working Together Institute was born out of reverense for the process of therapy, education and shared giving. When I think of working with someone, I think of an equal partnership, one in which we experience each other, give and take and explore. There is a joined intimacy involved that is nothing like traditional therapy, where intimacy is a one way street. In my work, I propose a give and take that elevates those seeking to learn new ways of operating a journey like no other. One that allows the recipient to stand at the threshold of life to see with new eyes, for a future that expands a horizon filled with remarkable new vistas.

I having worked in the field of therapy, hypnosis, meditation for the past 15 years, and much earlier, management and training. For years, I have studied human relations, behaviors, communication and the full spectrum of the human evolutionary process. Today, I am so happy to be where I am, able to assist those who wish to take the next step in their spiritual journey. In addition to my work in the fields I have discussed, it is my pleasure to add my avocational activities of writing and art that expands the process to add metaphor, visualization, symbols and much more. I believe that as I share with you, the reader, who I am, I become more, growing in a win-win symbiotic exploration, gifting each of us on this journey we share. Yes, shared experiences, even if we never know each other...because at our innor core, we are "one"!! Namaste & Blessings, Shirley

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