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Have you had a past life regression or been to a psychic medium who gave you a reading? Many people get lost in the whole process, and it can be confusing, and sometimes people shrugged off that hard work, because they think it is imagination. What you experienced is not just your imagination; it was you reading your own energy through your own creative processes, psychic intuition and other consciousness bridges. Everyone has this potential, not everyone can access it due to blocked energy and past experience. When you unblock and peel back the layers of life, more understanding comes to you. After your experience images, thoughts, sounds, fragments, from a hypnosis or other reading, more come to you in bits and other experiences, like a good mystery book, you then explore the clues of these past life memories. Look at the experience; sort through the imagery, you can restore balance to this life, based on your knowledge of a past life. Untangling those energies and the two different but similar stories will bring peace to this life. From my latest book, My Soul Wanders: Bridges to the Afterlife. You can email me directly through my Contact page. Shirley

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