Part I: Psychic Expansion

We all have some innate psychic ability, but most people never develop or use their intuitive powers to their best advantage. In this overview, we willlook at what being “psychic” means on apractical level, and how the use of these skills make us more present, mindful and caring to others. We will practice simple exercises that you can also do in the comfort of your home, which willopen your mind, heart, and spirit to a new adventure in living. These skills are developed to be used in the very practical parts of your life. I use a process that I call Holographic Hypnotic Expansion, a procedure that enables you to alter your state of consciousness in order to achieve a desirable goal. Along with your psychic level, you will learn to use meditation and other techniques. 


  • Enhance your natural psychic abilities 

  • Sensitizing your subtle senses

  • The 6th sense, your channels of receiving

  • Mindfulness, meditation and syncronicities

  • Opening the door, exploring, controling, protecting...and much more

  • ​Communicating psychically & telepathically

  • Living consciously... 

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Lighting the World, Awakening the Heart