Creating Your Best Life

Practical elements will get your life on track or break through to higher levels.


Short Term Talk Therapy, CBT, TPT, (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Time Perspective Therapy, and hypnosis) to get what you want in your life. Together, these tools can bring fast results to your life. Find the key that unlocks your best self! Let go of survival perceptions that block achievement to your goals. Whether you are looking to enhance your physical self, (pain management, weight loss, other healing), to performing skills better, I will help you build strategies to open the door to your limitless power! I've been helping clients to get to their best levels of performance for 25 years.  Combined with hypnosis is powerful...or just hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy can be a practical tool to deal with life, or to heal and explore how the past connects the present or future. Hypnosis is a relaxation method that allows you to change a behavior fast, get to the root issues or explore other lives. Take the next step to learning more...ENTER HERE


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Dr. Shirley Ryan, CCHt 


Conscious Life Institute Offers a mentorship program to help live life consciously and find the bridge to the inner portals of your higher self. This unique spiritual healing process is designed to promote personal growth leading you to your limitless Self. ENTER


*Office located in Sacramento, CA - teleconference or Skype anywhere worldwide.