Part II: Higher Consciousness & Purposeful Living

When you learn to manage your energy, it is surprising how the picture of your life changes. When you realize your natural gifts from Source, God,Universe, you will feel gratified in taking full advantage of these gifts.Think about it, the future is not predetermined, we have, free will, we have choices, even if that choice is not to choose. Here we stand on the thresh hold of a golden opportunity to work more consciously with our family, our friends, our environment. Manage your energy, focusing on how you want life to be for you. See the world in all its beautiful abundance, creating a path to realize full enrollment in your spiritual self. Connect meaningfully to all that is possible within you as you find a depth within that you never dreamed possible. Make this transition to a purposeful, loving life, actualized by new thought! All sessions areexperiential, featuringvideos, readings, and activities. You will learn to: 


  • Learn to communicate intuitively

  • ​Archetypes and energy patterns

  • Our tribal chakras, disengaging clan energy

  • Healing, energy and unblock the innerlife

  • Genes, DNA & reprogramming 

  • The secret life of water, plants & animals

  • The holographic universe, love healing & synchronicities

  • The Merkaba, a vehicle of change, channel of peace 

  • Guides, souls and the mysteries of the spirit world 

  • The Spirit World -- living consciously