Expanding Consciousness with Hypnotherapy

There are a wide range of arenas in which you can experience consciousness. Find out what they have in common:


  • Are you interested in looking into a past life, find its patterns within your life? (2 hour session)

  • Does the Afterlife (also known as the Spirit World or Interlife) intrigue you? (4 hour session)

  • Do you want to contact your Higher Self, Guides, Elders, or Angels? 

  • Have you had mysterious encounters with other entities (UFO's or ETI's)

  • Have you experienced an OBE, NDE, or other phenomena?

  • Do you feel as though you don't have anyone you can share theses things with? 

  • Do you feel blocked and want to talk?  



I'm ready to listen and eagar to help. If you are in Sacramento, CA, I offer a comfortable office environment, or teleconference with me from anywhere by phone. Please except my free gift: Healing the Grid Meditation.