Archetypes: Gods & Goddesses


Freeing The Gods & Goddesses Within is an exciting series of two and a half day retreat that explores our journey to wholeness and all the phases of life. During this day we will take a look at some of the driving forces within us and how we can get the most of this journey: Linking Universal Flow, Archetypes & Style.


Men and women join together to explore the dynamics of the core archetypes, the feminine energy within and how it is expressed in both males and females. We will work on getting to know the energy within and your best match to a partner, job, and finally the union between masculine and feminine energy that resides in each and every one of us, working towards that unity. Archetypal power is truly a gift of understanding, the better informed, the more benefit to our lives. This is a way to ensure each life cycle has completion, youth, parenting/partnership, mid-life, and old age. This retreat is not meant for relationships, but for those who are ready to reach another level of understanding.


Identify Your Energy & Archetypes We are all made of energy and as this energy forms we use it to play out the roles of our lives. The trick it is to ues energy well by balancing the gifts with the pitfalls of any given archetype. 


  • People ready to learn to know, accept and love Self on all levels, mind, body and spirit

  • People who want to experiences a life, increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun

  • People who want to find the capacity to be limitless 

  • People who want to see the world with a sense of awe, gratitude and abundance

  • People who want to understand each other from a different perspective


Linking Universal Flow, Archetypes & Style


  1. Archetypes: The Goddess Within (TBA). (Men and woman join in exploration.) 

  2. Archetypes: The Big Twelve (Date TBA)

  3. Driving Forces: It's All About Perception (Date TBA)


METHODS USED Participants will take assessments to find their personal archetypal goddesses and see how strong each are; learn how to find balance of energy; do activities in groups and alone; hear about myths and stories; do meditations that expand; and enjoy each other's company in a full day of activity. Participant guide included.


*The driving forces assessments can be taken individually too!

MORE For those interested in the details: All archetypes reside within the shadowy recesses of the subconscious, and the collective unconscious. 


Archetypes Patterns of instinctual behavior that are contained in the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is the part of the unconscious that is not individual but universal, with contents and modes of behavior that are more or less the same everywhere and in all individuals. Examples: birth, motherhood, marriage, death, separation, grandmother, and many others seen in myths, symbols, and metaphors. They are living transformers of our lives and our consciousness.


Goddesses An archetype of personification or essense of an energy pattern within the psyches that are experienced by others observably that is in one’s behavior. There are "gifts" and "pitfalls" with every archetype.


Shadow What you don’t know about yourself and others do, which usually is perceived negatively. We all have one and actually would die without one. It is the opposite of your ego and it is where all of your energy is stored…it is in some cases the “gold hidden” in your psyche. When it is denied it may slip out with the slip of the tongue or it may make us ill.