Meditation Leading to a Conscious Life


Phase I Basic Meditation Many different types, existed for centuries rising from eastern cultures and religions, and now the stress and anxiety of modern life. Beside a practice for spiritual growth or a way to enlightenment, people also use meditation for specific purposes such as relief of symptoms of anxiety and for pain relief. The first part of our work will be basic meditation practices. 

While there are many types revolving around religious practices, these are the basics: Mindfulness Meditation; Heart-Centered Meditation; Creative Meditation; Concentration Meditation. All of theses series are "experiential" you will learn to do meditation, not talk about it.


  1. Mindfulness Meditation--One the most powerful types of meditation, it helps you learn a simple thing, to pay attention or be "present in the moment." This type of meditation is known to provide pain relief and help for those suffering from anxiety and depression. 

  2. Heart-Centered Meditation Release all your fears and sadness and promotes loving-kindness and compassion, over time will heal your heart and others.

  3. Creative Visualization A different type of meditation technique, this focuses on strengthening qualities, such as appreciation, joy, compassion, patience, empathy, love, gratitude, humility, fearlessness, and tenderness, among others.


My process will take a non-religious approach, focusing on  the heart, and using the breath itself as a focusing tool. Assisting you in:


  • Concentration to focus and train mind to be a

    • Clean blackboard within the mind; to observe, honor and let go.  (reframe later)

    • Detach or a sense of disconnection or a neutral attitude

  • Breath-work as an art form, use one-minute breath work to practice being present

  • Children can and do learn—10 minutes, AM and PM, increases positive behaviors, your child to be calmer and more centered


Meditation is like prayer,  although you are not asking for anything, but giving your time to a higher purpose, you…Breaks the cycle of anxiety, pain, and circular, negative thinking.


Phase II The Conscious Life Series Once basic meditation practices are learned, we can layer into the process more advanced processes, which lead to an enhanced life and more sophisticated spiritual experiences.


  • Breath-work as a focus tool: circular, long breath, various others

  • Chakra alignment

  • Vital Energy Movement, learn to move your energy around your body.

  • Merkaba, experiencing the vehicle of transformation

  • Mandala creation for healing and spiritual enhancement 

  •  and the Flower of LifeSacred Geometry


Phase III The Conscious Life Series  

  • Advanced Chakra alignment 

  • Holotropic breathwork