The spiritual unity and integration within my processes gets to the very heart of your issues and heals its root cause. This brings you liberation from the entire situation or negative patterns, and restores a deeper, richer and more fulfilling life. I have found that problems are routed in a disconnect from something undefinable, find it and free yourself. Most issues are varying expressions of a loss of connection with the Divine Center. It takes integration at the level of Soul to truly end suffering. Having found such healing for myself and being experienced with these healing and the healing of others, I help people get results and profound healing.


Spiritual Counseling is a positive, creative approach designed to help you turn life's difficulties into valuable spiritual growth. I use both traditional and non-traditional counseling and healing methods in my spiritual counseling sessions. Transformation and healing occurs through multiple techniques, tapping ancient processes, using dialogue and by learning new skills, unlearning old self-defeating beliefs, while finding your inner strength. I will help you find practical solutions to your personal problems.


If You Choose Life Coaching, I act as a mentor, manager, and personal trainer. A coach believes in you, helps you set goals for yourself, breaks the goals down into bite-sized pieces, and keeps you moving along the path to your goals. A coach works one-on-one to help you develop new skills and habits. Focusing problems such as ADD can be addressed through refocusing and restructuring for optimum results.



Your chair is waiting for you, join me physically if you are here in Sacramento, or virtually, by teleconference if outside of my area. 415.286.6273.

Spiritual Unity