Shirley Ryan, PhD, CCHt

Just therapy, please! I'm ready to listen and eager to help. If you are in Sacramento, CA, I offer a comfortable office environment for individual or groups, or teleconference with me from anywhere by phone 415.286.6273. 

Past Life Regression Resolving issues through hypnosis frees us to live life fully. Seeing the big picture,through regressing to prior lives can literally use past lives to view issues in a current life. Through reincarnation, which means to return to the physical body. The belief is held that at death the soul exits one body and returns at some point to another physical form. The subject of reincarnation can mean different things to different people. Reincarnation, however, is a theory, a belief system, a philosophy that can help to explain the mysteries of life. As humans we have many unanswered questions that are repeated over and over, generation after generation.





















Developing skills and tools, you a reach this state of peace, harmony and balance. You have the potential to live a limitless life, seeing the world through new eyes with a new perspective. Open yourself to a world of deep connection to the intuitive skills you were born with, and skills that you may have forgotten along the way.  Get in touch with your spiritual wisdom, a labor of love!


Physical Healing Click here to find out more about   Pain and Health Management through hypnotherapy.   


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“Lighting the World, Awakening the Heart”

"As Above, So Below"

Background Trained therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, (CCHt), Certified Spiritual Hypnotherapist and has earned a PhD in consciousness studies. I am a psychic medium, although I do not typically read for others, I teach students to access the spirit world. This is the very best way to raise your consciousness, to "see, sense, hear, or feel," with your own spiritual eyes! We are all spiritual beings and all have intuitive skills that have grown rusty with a lack of exercise. Just like muscles, one needs to provide the nourishment and exercise for healthy development over time. Feel free to call or email for your FREE 30 minute consultation.


Conscious Life Institute  Whether you want to create a whole new, spiritually driven career, or add an element of spirituality to the work you love, I can help. Being in touch with your higher self or your divine self as we are using here, is to connect directly to your deepest sense of yourself. That place of innocence that you were born with and all of the love and joy that is at your center. Wouldn't you like to see the world with a new point of view?